What we do

Ascobra is a professional audio visual company who have designed, installed and supported systems involving projectors and large screens, sound equipment, HD signal distribution, theatre lighting and touch panel controls.  During the last 12 years we've installed systems in company boardrooms, auditoriums, lecture theatres, school classrooms, performing arts studios, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.  Our clients include public quoted companies, government departments, audio visual integrators, schools, colleges and universities.

Our success is based on our knowledge of the audio visual marketplace and the technology that enables people to have more effective communication and to present their content in a more meaningful way.  We constantly evaluate new technologies and products to establish how they can add value to our customers.

Our role is to help you get the most from your audio visual system.  We do this in two ways.  The first allows organisations to benefit from our knowledge and experience of audio visual systems, equipment, cabling and their underlying technologies.  As businesses make increasing use of AV, they have a need for somebody who understands how the technologies work, what their potential is and how to integrate them into existing work practices and IT systems.  Many larger corporations have an in-house AV team.  Those organisations who don't can make use of our expertise and knowledge.  We'll operate in whatever role is appropriate for the project and your business.

Whatever AV system you have, people have got to be able to use it.  Ascobra are experts in control systems and how to design a user interface which makes everything easy to use and operate.  Creating a touch panel involves a unique combination of hardware engineering, programming and graphics design.   A touch panel designed by Ascobra will make a complex system easy to use, will look attractive, and will enhance your corporate identity.   It will be affordable and come with a realistic price.  Ascobra provide functional, easy to use control systems which have all the features and performance of high quality systems from companies like Crestron and AMX but have only a fraction of the high cost associated with them.

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