An AV Expert when you need one

These days just about every organisation is making increasing use of its IT systems to handle applications involving video and sound.  Things like presentations, conferencing, collaborative working and home working all make use of the IT infrastructure to share and distribute audio visual content.  A significant amount of network traffic and bandwidth is AV related.

Whilst every organisation has an IT department staffed by IT professionals, not that many have an in-house audio visual expert. Somebody who knows about microphones and loudspeakers, control systems and theatre lighting.  Somebody who knows what's involved in AV signal processing, compression and distribution over an IP network.  Somebody who knows how to connect a MacBook with an HDMI output to the VGA port on a ceiling mounted projector without running a new cable.

Although AV can be an important to a business it's not really surprising that companies don't have a dedicated AV expert.   Most of the time there's no need for one.  When there is a need for specialist AV knowledge it's often to answer a specific question or for a specific project.   That's when the lack of someone who understands AV creates a bit of a problem.   How do you find an Audio Visual expert when you need one?

Well you have.   We've got the AV expertise and knowledge that you need.  You can make use of it.   All you've got to do is to start a dialogue by getting in touch.

We can work with you in different capacities.   If you want to keep your existing AV system running there'll be times when you could do with access to an audio visual specialist to answer questions or provide advice.  In most cases this is on an ad-hoc basis, as needs arise.

A new project may requirement more involvement.   For instance, any new project has business objectives, the criteria that are used evaluate the outcome.   The audio visual system has to be specified with these in mind and equipment specification translated into business benefits.   Our knowledge of AV has to be merged with your knowledge of what you're trying to achieve.   As the project develops we can also design a system, draft technical specification, evaluate contractor's proposals, and be involved at any stage through to acceptance testing and system handover.

Whatever the requirements you'll want a good working relationship with your AV expert.   This has to start somewhere.   A good place to begin is to let us answer a few questions, and see how things grow from there.   I'd be happy to show you what I can do by resolving one or two AV related issues for you.

Why don't you start the ball rolling by getting in touch?