An AV Expert when you need one

Ascobra is one person, me, Norman Shieff.  I have a wide depth of knowledge and experience of the audio visual market coupled with an understanding of the technologies which underpin it.  This enables me to be involved with an AV project in a number of different capacities.   For instance, at the start I can translate business objectives into the technical specification for the AV system.   Following project approval I can represent your company to the architect, main contractor and other trades.  As the project develops I can provide valuable input; for instance during kit out, configuration, testing, system acceptance, handover, training and on-going support.  In fact, I can carry out any stage of an AV project to a high standard and have rack01the experience to back up this claim.

I have a degree in electronic engineering and started my career as an electronic design engineer. I have worked as a sales manager, undertaken a large scale IT consultancy project for a Government Body and have been involved in the audio visual world for longer than Powerpoint.  At one time Ascobra designed and imaged 35mm slides from computer; working at 4k resolution over 25 years ago.  As one of the first companies to recognise the potential of data projectors we became involved with early LCD models.  This led to setting up an installation service which itself led to more complicated projects involving all sections of the audio visual industry.

My most complex project was a new build for a performing arts theatre.  This included systems for sound, stage lights, projection, HD signal distribution and control.  It involved running over 7.8km of cable, terminating 638 XLR connectors and making more than 3000 soldered joints.  The project started by helping the customer develop a cost justification.  Subsequent phases included attending site meetings with the architects and different contractors, designing the av systems, providing a wiring diagram to enable our wireman to construct the rack, managing our other personnel on-site, programming the dsp and control system, configuring and testing all the equipment and assuming full responsibility for the project.

Some other projects I have been involved in include: